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New Years Eve Part I

Why am I the only one drinking?

Robin, Jenny, and Brooke

Cara and Jenny

Kim, Me, and Cara Before the drunkness

I love this picture!!

Bobby, Kim, and John

Brooke's eye makeup looked sooo good!

Kim, Brooke and Me

Way to look at the camera Andy

Kim, Me, and Brooke


Yeah, he was a little bitter that I was wasted

John and Brooke

Who knows

That's hot

Liquor = stupid trying-to-look-sexy-but-looking-drunk-instead photos ( that's in reference to me, because Brooke looks hot no matter what she does lol)

It was kind of cute that they both passed out

I love the drool coming out of the corner of his mouth

John, Zack, and Pat

Pat & I

Kim and I

I'll post the rest later!

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